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J My husband and I were newcooltube invited to a New Year's party and we have done, children to care for my mother. I wore a short dress and 5 ' needle and looked pretty sexy if I newcooltube may say so. I'm 5'5 ', size 10 with pert 32B breasts. I newcooltube kept my figure, despite three children and have a high sex drive. The night passed and we had a great time dancing and chatting with people. There was a dance with several people, including a man of 68 who was a friend of our family and with his wife. when we dance groped my ass and not think of it as I love J patted me know. I found the switch quite well, so we decided to take a break after my third dance with Roger in his place. It seemed to monopolize the dance with me for some reason. I said I wanted to go outside to smoke and I like to smoke cigars, I thought it would give me a break. vi, J, and greeted him, waved that I am a cigar, and he waved back 'ok' with your fingers. I came to intor my purse and pulled out a 10 newcooltube ' and left Havana cigar in his mouth and was just a game, when one hand a cigarette lighter for me and a familiar voice that offers strikers, said:' Do you want a newcooltube light? ' I leaned forward and began to light my cigarette smoking to work. ' It makes it look sexy, 'said the voice, and when I looked up, with my first real movement, Roger saw me with a pure own mine After turning his cigar and lit it began to blow a ' for some men,' Roger continued :.. 'The vision of a beautiful woman with a 10' cigar in his mouth is very erotic and suggestive '. n ' Really,' she said, blowing smoke. He knew perfectly well this was the case, because my husband and I love when sex while I'm smoking a cigarette. So far I have had a tingling sensation between her legs, like, for some reason, the fact that I was with an older man smoking a cigar and the use of my dress and sexy shoes, I was always on. was New Year 's Eve, and although there was a clearsomething cold and my nipples began to grow increasingly my feeling in general. I had flown only smoke when Roger leaned over and kissed her lips and opened my mouth and our tongues began to find each other. ' We go to the garden house,' he said as he walked away. I just nodded and took a train to treat my cigarette and calm nerves. We went out on the porch and went to the summer house was warm when the heating. I sat down and felt my position and a short edge. Roger was sitting next to me and I felt his hand on my thigh moving towards my wet vagina tingle. Only my husband had been there since we got married, and I started a little nervous. I took another train on the newcooltube cigar to stabilize the nervous system. While I was fuming, playing Roger and I groaned. ' It's like M? A man 28 years older than you touch their private parts. Planted a big kiss for me to force my head back. Just moaned with pleasure. I felt like Ipeaks move to insert my panties aside newcooltube and began a finger into my wet hole. Ohhhh my God, what a feeling. I put the cigar in his mouth and immediately took his impressive bulk. He began moving his fingers, and I was in heaven. I took another train with my free hand and took the cigar from his mouth. When I meet who played Roger told me. ' I think a woman who smokes cigars to be an impressive spectacle, and enjoy my dear, what I have in store for you,' 'I can not wait,' I . 'Just load your manhood and let me out. ' I enjoyed this, and if Roger took off his wet finger in his mouth and sucked my juices from it and said, 'mmmm nice flavor. ' undid his fly and put out this 10 'cock ' Impressive for an old man anyway, 'he said to me, looked me straight in the eyes filled with lust and said simply. ' Yes, and I want it in me. Now. ' So far I have the feeling was so humid and hot, I just wanted to go to bed. I feel so much that I spread her legs orn newcooltube the edge of the chair and knelt newcooltube before Roger my head level with mine, and the bulge of his cock rubbing my pussy through the lace panties. took another train from the cigar and said, ' Put it on now give me your old hot seed Roger.. ' 'happy to force a woman,' he said as he leaned on me a kiss, he sent attracted my latch on the one hand, and pushed into me. I moaned with pleasure as my husband is not so great. Roger moved with expert movements, and soon had an orgasm and I'm sure I've been heard in the house. I kissed her and told Roger that I want more and more difficult. Surprisingly, I could have my cigar smoke as well and it seemed to turn. So I obliged with exaggerated features, and I could feel I was close to orgasm. 'Go Roger. Come into my body without protection. Put your seed inside my body. ' Unnnngghhh grunted and emptied his sack on me. Wow, what a heavy Cummer. Not only stop. kind of experience tHat. There I was with a 68- year-old, leaned toward me, breathing heavily spread. He looked up and kissed my lips and said : 'I think I want more M. What is it ' ' lovers Not just now returning to the missing in the case of my husband.. ' 'I am a weekend, I wanted a place. What? ' ' Well, I'll see what I can do. ' At that moment I felt Roger Slip abused my pussy and then I was soaking his semen of man. I put my underwear back straight and again lit a cigarette after leaving. I kissed her passionately on the lips and Roger returned to the porch area. Roger Seeds were my legs and my knees newcooltube a little weak. way Roger did not come immediately newcooltube behind and when I looked in the game, I saw my husband get to the terrace. ' Hello beautiful. I wondered where I was,' he said. He looked into my eyes and said, '.. You know you wanted me to have sex with another man now sit in my underwear,' He and his eyes shone. 'Let's gor M summer home and look at this 'I expressed my cigar and followed him. I saw my new lover Roger View of a bush and got an eyeful of me and J frolicking newcooltube in the summer house, where he had recently received fuck of newcooltube her life. by the way, I walk away from a long Easter weekend and my husband newcooltube Roger is a blessing newcooltube and a bag full of cigarettes, and I do not think a lot of walking, my lover and I n Dear M
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